Rent Dance Floor Lighting | Fog Machines | Special Effects

    Dance floor, effect lighting, and intelligent lighting at your wedding, party or corporate event makes a BIG difference!  With the proper dance floor lighting, your guests are going to dance and have a great time!  If you would like your event to be a smashing success, select the link next to one of the suggested dance floor or intelligent lighting packages listed below.   A substantial discount may apply if you rent a dance floor lighting system in combination with any of our other Sound, Lighting, and Stage Rental Services.

    All of our rental lighting systems run on their own or are equipped with autopilot controllers, so that you normally don't have to run the light show manually (if you don't want to; the choice is yours!).  The items listed in each package below can be substituted out for other lights in our inventory, so that you build and rent your own custom dance lighting system.  Please call us at call us at  OR , to discuss a custom lighting rental system which will work best for your nightclub, wedding, party or corporate event!

    PLEASE NOTE!  The following rental lighting systems are normally for lighting the DANCE FLOOR!  If you wish to light other areas of the venue or facility (uplighting, downlighting, or ambient lighting for walls, trees, shrubbery, decorations, food tables, etc.), or would like to rent stage lighting for the band or DJ, we also carry Uplighting Rental Systems and Stage Lighting Rental Systems.

    I. Intelligent Dance Lighting System I:

    This is the ULTIMATE intelligent dance lighting system for a medium to large-sized party, wedding or other type of event(s).  It will cover from 300 to 1000-persons without an issue.  If you would like to rent a paticular dance floor fixture, or need MORE LIGHTING, let us know, as we have more quantities of the fixtures listed below, as well as many more types, in our large inventory.

    4  Elation PowerSpot 250 MOVING HEAD fixtures-[CAN BE INCREASED TO 12]
    6  Martin SCX-500 MOVING MIRROR fixtures)-[CAN BE INCREASED TO 12]
    1  Elation Show Designer II or III, or Marting Disc Jockey Laptop Based Controller (1-hour of custom programming included)
    4  ADJ Power Punch Pro 250 LED Fixtures-[CAN BE INCREASED TO 8]
    4  Eliminator PAR64 LED Fixtures-[CAN BE INCREASED TO 8]
    2  Martin ATOMIC 3000 DMX, 3000-watt Strobe Lights-[CAN BE INCREASED TO 4]
    2  Stage Ape 2-RED, and 2-GREEN portal Lasers
    2  Omnisistem DF-V6 or Antari LED Vertical Foggers-[OR AS YOU SPECIFY]
    2  Ultimate LT-99B Tripod Lighting Stands-[TRUSSING with TRUSS WARMERS available-see below]

    DELIVERED/With STANDS Base Price: $595.00 [ Rent Intelligent Lighting Rental-System I with STANDS ]
    DELIVERED/With TRUSS AND TRUSS WARMERS Base Price: $895.00 [ Rent Intelligent Lighting Rental-System I with TRUSS ]
    PICKUP Price: There is no pickup option on Intelligent Dance Lighting System I

    II. Standard Dance Lighting System:

    This is an excellent quality dance lighting system for wedding, corporate, or house parties!  It will cover from 25 to 100-persons on the dance floor sufficiently, and is very easy to setup and operate.  If you need MORE LIGHTING, let us know, as we have many additional lighting fixtures in stock!

    2  American DJ-Vertigos (A-series, 300-watts each)
    2  Chauvet Mega Strobe-2 DMX 750-watt strobe Lights
    1  American DJ-SunRay I or SunRay II, center placed (disco ball effect)
    1  American DJ Fog Storm-700 Fogger
    2  Ultimate LT-99B Tripod Stands, with two 24-inch Crossbars and one 48-inch T-Bar EACH
    1  Fully-automated American DJ Copilot Lighting Control System -OR- heavy-duty AC switch, quad box & cables

    DELIVERED Price: $300.00 [ Rent Standard Dance Lighting System-Delivered ]
    PICKUP Price: $150.00 [ Rent Standard Dance Lighting System-Delivered ]

    III. Intelligent Lighting System 2:

    This is the perfect intelligent dance lighting system for a small to medium sized event, for those persons who are on a budget, but still want intelligent lighting.  This system will cover from 25 to 75-persons on a dance floor sufficiently.  If you need MORE LIGHTING, let us know, as we have many fixtures in stock!

    6  Martin Pro Mania SCX-500 scanners (moving mirror fixtures)
    1  Martin 2510 DMX Controller, with 16 preset programs
    2  Chauvet Mega Strobe-2 DMX 750-watt strobe Lights
    2  American DJ "Emerald Beam" OR OmniSystem "Stinger" green lasers
    2  Martin Mania DC-1 effect lights (water)
    2  American DJ Fog Storm-1200 Foggers OR Martin Magnum JEM Pro Hazers
    2  Ultimate LT-99B Tripod Stands with Double Crossbars

    DELIVERED Price: $400.00 [ Rent Intelligent Dance Lighting System II-Delivered ]
    PICKUP Price: $250.00 [ Rent Intelligent Dance Lighting System II-Pickup ]