Ambient lighting is diffused light (often colored, using "gels") that sets the mood of a room or outdoor area and provides basic illumination over a broad area, often adding a decorative touch. It is very often accomplished using a technique called "uplighting."  This aspect of lighting is important to your event's overall lighting plan and can be used in combination with our Rent Dance Floor Lighting systems.  Using a variety of lighting fixture types and colors, Eden and it's lighting directors can dress up an event with uplighting, accent and mood lighting, working with you to meet your specific requirements.

    We carry nothing but the very best quality lighting fixtures, and everything arrives at your event in extremely strong and expensive road cases.  All of our lighting fixtures can be mixed and matched in any way you choose to create a custom lighting system for your event.  Each ambient lighting rental order comes with a dedicated lighting director/engineer, and depending on the total size of the event and number of lights ordered, several additional technicians will arrive to setup in the quickest time possible.  Depending upon power needs and what the facility is able to provide, we can also supply supplemental mobile power generators.

    We have a very large inventory of high-quality incadescent and LED light fixtures which allow us to work with any size wedding, corporate party/event, concert, or other event where ambient, mood, or uplighting services are needed.  Below are just a few examples of how ambient/uplighting can dramatically transform an dull room or area into a work of art!  As ambient/uplighting is very facility/event specific, each system is custom built to your exact needs.  Call us at  OR  to discuss your event and lighting needs, and/or to request an ONSITE or IN OFFICE consultation.

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    Rent staging
    Standard Stage (24 x 16 x 2) with Basic Stage Lighting (4 PAR64s)
    Rent Mobile Stage
    Custom Stage (40 x 24 x 3) with Trussed Shade Canopy and Lighting
    Rent a Stage
    School Performance Stage (40 x 12 x 2) with Expo Skirting
    Rent Runway
    Custom Fashion Show (24 x 8 x 4) Runway, Installed in Pool
    Rent Fashion Show Runway
    WHITE Fashion Show Runway and Stage, with WHITE Skirting
    Rent Stage and Shade Canopy
    Custom Stage (24 x 16 x MULTIPLE LEVELS) Stage, with Trussed Shade Canopy