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    If you need to rent a stage, or need to rent a runway or rent a riser for your next event in California, then you have come to the right place!  Eden USA proudly offers the best industrial-strength stage rental system, made by a popular stage manufacturing company, STEELDECK©.  Briefly, a STEELDECK© stage deck has no moving parts.  Each deck is comprised of a tough zinc-plated steel frame, with a 3/4-inch smooth-finish wood top.  Our rental stage decks are frequently repainted (flat black), to give our stages that ultra-professional appearance.  STEELDECK©  stage decks are so solid, that we use them for auto trade shows, driving the vehicle up a special ramp.  Each STEELDECK© deck can support 100-pounds per square-foot (i.e., 3,200-pounds per 4x8 deck)!   Check out the photos of just a few of the events we have done, using these wonderful Steeldeck risers:

    You can rent a stage as small as 4x2, to as large as necessary.  A stage can be as low to the ground as 7-INCHES, or as high as 8-FEET.  Using our custom stage quote tool, (see button above), you can specify several different options/accessories, including skirting, stairs, safety railing, full trussed water-resistant shade roof top, custom painting/acrylic decks, installation in pools, and more.  All estimates for staging INCLUDE DELIVERY, INSTALLATION AND TAKEAWAY SERVICES.  Please note that we can setup our mobile rental stages on soft or uneven surfaces (e.g., grass, dirt, sand, pools, ponds, etc.).  As an added bonus for all of our stage rental clients, we will gladly allow your stage rental to span over a period of 3-DAYS, for the cost of a 1-DAY rental elsewhere.