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    With some exceptions, pricing listed is normally based upon on a WEEKEND, or 3-day rental period.  Pricing for additional days will usually be discounted depending on item availability.  We also have long-term rentals, and can SHIP NATIONWIDE (items as indicated).


    Shure ULXD4 Digital Wireless System

    (Item ID: 324, QBID: EA0810-WM05, QTY: 1)

    Shure ULXP4 Wireless Microphone-DUAL KIT

    (Item ID: 121, QBID: EA0810-WM05, QTY: 1)

    Basic Description
    This is a DUAL kit, meaning there are TWO (2) receivers mounted in an extremely rugged 2-space ATA-approved STAGEGEAR.COM road case. Along with the two receivers, there is a lockable drawer containing TWO (2) handheld SM58A Beta microphones; TWO (2) body pack transmitters; and TWO (2) Countryman E6 headsets.

    SHURE ULXP4 FEATURES: Power On Indicator
    Receiving Antenna Indicators
    SQUELCH Indicator
    SCAN Indicator for Scanning Open Group and/or Channel Frequencies
    Transmitted (TX) Audio Indicators



    Shure SLX24 Wireless Microphone-DUAL KIT

    (Item ID: 258, QBID: EA0810-WM04, QTY: 1)

    Basic Description
    This is a CUSTOM built "DUAL" wireless microphone kit which includes TWO (2) SLX4 receivers, TWO (2) SLX2/BETA58 handheld transmitters, and TWO (2) SLX1 BODYPACK transmitters. Each bodypack comes equipped with a Countryman E6 headset AND a standard Shure Lapel microphone.
    Included with Rental
    (2) Shure SLX4 Recievers
    (2) Shure SLX2 Handhelds
    (2) Shure SLX1 BodyPacks
    (2) Countryman E6 Headsets
    (2) Shure Lapel Microphones
    (1) He...



    Displaying: Records 1 Through 3 of 3 Total Records

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